Camp Exploration

About the Camps

Summer Camp 38Camp Exploration believes, not only in providing a fun, and, of course, safe, summer program for each child, but believes strongly in aiding and guiding the optimal development of the whole child. Wherever we are, and whatever we are doing, constant caring attention is given to the individual child, their interactions with others, and their relationships with the world around them.

Personalized 1:1 attention is provided to help each child grow from where s/he is currently. Group development is ongoing, always with a camper:staff ration of ~4:1. Day camp programs are in groups of 12 campers with 3 staff members; overnight camp programs are in groups of 8 campers with 2 staff members. Staff are mature, responsible, positive role models, and, of course, fun too.

In our daily routine, we also place a strong emphasis on the important role we can take in the world around us. On hiking trips, we help maintain trails as needed, and bring empty trash bags with us, to help remove garbage others carelessly left behind. In Day Camp, we regularly help survey and clean our adopted beach, spend special caring time at our neighboring retirement home, feed the homeless, and, quite simply, seize the opportunities we can, to make positive differences in the world around us.

Discussions often take place to process that which we experience. We are even conscious right down to the healthy, natural, ethical, and especially enjoyable, foods that we serve. It is a joy to watch our campers grow, and to help our campers grow, as individuals, as friends, and as world citizens.