Camp Exploration

Summer: Hikers' Heaven Overnight Camp

>> With our many magnificent camp considerations, we only schedule some of them for any given summer. Please, though, do contact us to express your interest in a particular program that does not seem to be scheduled as you would like.

The Hikers' Heaven is especially for the child who wants to get away for a week and do some serious hardcore hiking. Campers will get to do some extremely intense and especially enjoyable hiking.

We will camp out for half of the week in Bryce National Park and half of the week in Zion National Park. We will hike deep down into Bryce and way up high in Zion. Star gazing can be enjoyed at night. For the most part, though, we will be hiking, hiking, and hiking. We will have brought portable foosball, ping pong, board games, cards, etc. to enjoy a little relaxing at our cabin site.

We will make some of our healthy, conscious meals at our tent site and others we will make on our expeditions in nature. We may enjoy roasting marshmallows, making smores, and snacking on a multitude of healthy, conscious goodies. For those of us who like to eat and like to eat well, we will always have plenty of good choices available.

We may tell some stories in our tents or by the fire - positive, uplifting, inspirational stories - not ghost stories! We do not believe in telling stories that are designed to scare and create insecurity. Camp Exploration has always been focused on nothing but the most positive of values. We are especially focused on helping campers build their self-esteem, their positive relations with others, and their understanding of their important role in the world. Even with the songs we sing – at the campsite, in the van, and sometimes even in any random place we are – we are conscious of the lyrics and messages. No matter where we are and what we are doing, Camp Exploration is fully focused on helping our campers grow to become more conscious and caring human beings.

The Hikers’ Heaven will be a wonderful week away for the child who loves hiking and seriously wants to hike.