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>> With our many magnificent camp considerations, we only schedule some of them for any given summer. Please, though, do contact us to express your interest in a particular program that does not seem to be scheduled as you would like.

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Based out of the Kids Make A Difference headquarters.

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Weekly Schedule

Summer Camp 1Each Travel Day Camp Week consists of:

Parent Information

Dear Parent: This Parent Information Pamphlet is compiled to, hopefully, provide you all the information you will need and want, as a Camp Exploration Parent. Please read through it carefully, and do not hesitate to contact the Camp Director, if you need or want further information. We expect that both you and your child will be pleased that you have chosen to become a part of the Camp Exploration family.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide your child with a truly enriching and growing experience within a safe and caring environment. We look forward to doing everything we can to provide your child a variety of skills, understanding and appreciation, ultimately leading to the development of positive feelings of self, positive interactions with others, and positive memories to warmly look back upon in future years.

Now, for all the details . . .

Summer Camp 35Camp begins each morning at 9:00am, (supervision will always be available by 8:45am). Our camp base site is the Kids Make A Difference headquarters unless you are provided information otherwise. When you drop-off your child, please do not just drop him/her off and drive away; please be sure to sign your child in with Camp Exploration for the day. One of the staff will have the sign-in clipboard.

Early Supervised Play, (also known as Morning Extended Care), will be made available to suit your needs for early drop-off. Such care, (before 8:45am), will be charged at a rate of $10/hour, rounded to the half hour.
Staff, however, may not be available for such care, if not pre-arranged. But, do not hesitate to pre-arrange such care, we will be happy to help you out. Last minute arrangements will be accommodated, whenever
possible. Again, please be sure to always sign your child directly in with Camp Exploration's staff.

The group program will start each day, once everyone has arrived, by 9:15am, but preferably at 9:00am, with Morning Meeting. Should you have an appointment or other schedule conflict that would lead you to be unable to have your child to Morning Meeting by 9:15am, please call in advance to see if a late arrival can be arranged. Some days we will have particular appointment times for which we will be departing promptly. Plus, it is valuable for everyone to be a part of Morning Meeting to start the day together.

Unless you are provided information otherwise, pick-up will take place back at the Kids Make A Difference headquarters at 3:00pm. Again, please be sure to sign your child out with Camp Exploration for the day. One of the staff will have the sign-out clipboard.

Summer Camp 4Should you be unable to pick-up your child by 3:30pm, Extended Care will be provided at an additional $10 per hour per child. Please do try to let us know of your needs in advance.

For your child's safety, we will not release him/her to anyone not authorized by you, signed in writing. Please be sure we have from you a signed list of any and all persons authorized by you to pick up your child. If there need to be any additions or changes to this list, please be sure to provide us with a signed update.

If your child has your permission to walk home or ride his/her bike home, instead of you picking him/her up, we need to have a signed note from you indicating such.

Each day, please send your child with a clearly labeled sack lunch, (preferably in a non-disposable bag), preferably with healthy, conscious foods, as is consistent with our healthy, conscious philosophy.

It will never be necessary for your child to bring money to camp. It is, however, permissible with your discretion. At amusement parks, lunch may be purchased. Please be aware that food at these facilities is overpriced. If you do choose to send your child with money, you may want to ask a staff member to hold it for your child. Other facilities may also have snacks and souvenirs available for purchase.

A simple, healthy, conscious, and enjoyable snack will be provided by camp each afternoon. If your child has any food or other allergies, please be sure to let us know.

Summer Camp 27If your child will be needing to take any medication during any, day(s), please send a signed note with such medication, complete with explicit administering instructions, to the Director.

Such items as Ipods, video games, etc. do not have a place in the group experience. They are more suited to private usage on private time. We plan to have plenty of music, games and fun as a group. Please do not
send your child with such items. If you deem it appropriate for your child to have a cell phone with him/her, please help him/her understand that it is not to be used during camp hours except in the event of an emergency, and taking care of it is up to his/her responsibility.

We may have optional swim time, in a nearby pool or lake, on certain days; thus, a bag, packed with a towel and swimsuit, should regularly be brought. (Even if it is not used, it is better to be prepared.)

Please be sure to send your child each day dressed in appropriate, comfortable playclothes with sneakers and socks, (especially required for possible rainy day options of skating or bowling).

Any item belonging to your child, that may not be permanently on him/her for the entirety of the day, should be clearly labeled with permanent ink with his/her name.

A Camp Exploration shirt is free with a registration of six weeks. Please let us know what size shirt will be desired, by noting such on your emergency form. These shirts will not be required to be worn on any particular day. Other perks are also provided with multi-week registrations.

Should you desire to register your child for additional weeks with Camp Exploration, we would be happy to have you do so, space permitting. Multiple week discounts, however, are based on one time registration.
Registering for additional weeks will be subject to rates corresponding to a separate registration.

Feel free to share information about Camp Exploration with your child's friends, and your friends who have children of their own. Space permitting again, we would be happy to register new campers during the Summer.

While each week consists of one Hiking Day (usually Monday), one Extended Day (usually Tuesday), one Beach Day (usually Wednesday), one Traditional Day (usually Thursday), and one Special Day (usually
Friday), these days may vary. A specific schedule for each week will be provided at Monday morning sign-in.

Summer Camp 55For anything needing to be addressed during camp hours, please do not hesitate to call the camp telephone number. For anything not needing to be addressed during camp hours, please instead make your call after camp hours, so as not to unnecessarily disrupt the camp program. If you text message, that is generally preferred to a call during camp hours.

Please feel free to speak directly to the Director, before or after each program day, if you have any questions you want answered, information you desire, or input you would like to offer. After all, this program has been created for your children and you.

Again, thank you for entrusting your child into our care. We are looking forward to a most excellent summer together.